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Jan 18, 2008
  1. Medical Student

    ramen, yum.
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    Aug 4, 2007
    1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
      i had some broccoli cheddar soup in sourdough bread, thats my lunch and dinner. Really trying to get into shape! I worked out again, 6th straight day, did cardio for 20 minutes and weights for 1 hr... i came in 6 days ago weighing 200lbs apparently on their scale, i'm up to 205lbs and I am on a diet and working out. Should I be getting scared? lol.


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      Aug 5, 2007
      1. Medical Student
        yeah still fasting for orthodox easter, at least there are like 9 days left or something. I have fasted for over 40 days so far from meat. I think after this i'm going on a all meat diet.

        Well you will probably start losing weight once you can eat meat again! I couldn't imagine, I was a vegan once (in my young and stupid days) and it almost killed me


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        May 16, 2007
        1. Pre-Medical
          good boy... today is jamba juice and a apple cinammon pretzel for me.

          I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU!!!!!!!! Jamba Juice is my all time favorite place and I haven't lived near (in the same state) as one for almost 2 years....and i am moving to a med school without one near by! What was I thinking!

          btw... kako si? Long time, no chat.
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          Dec 18, 2007
          1. Medical Student

            That and Wendys are the only two things I can get to within my work's allotted lunch hour. After attempting to make my own sandwiches and finding it to be much more expensive than ordering off the dollar menu, I have given in.

            I'll probably have the 10 piece chicken McNugget, a large poweraid, and a hot fudge sundae.

            On a completely unrelated note, I'm having my cholesterol checked in a couple of weeks. Any predictions?

            Edit: I am aware the 10 piece chicken McNugget isn't on the dollar menu. I'm just really sick of burgers.


            i aint kinda hot Im sauna
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            Dec 22, 2007
            1. Fellow [Any Field]

              i just cried a little inside.... and not a good cry. A year ago i would have salivated at the site of that picture and probably would have tried to eat the computer screen. Now, I've been on a vegan diet since January and my first reaction was a scrunched/ disgusted face and the noise "eww."

              *sigh* today I mourn the death of In N Out. Unbeknownst to me (i hadn't seen it in a while so was unsure of the emotions it would bring) it has died in my heart and I dont think i will ever be able to experience it the same way I did when i was a meat eater.


              All bleeding stops eventually
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              Jul 16, 2008
              West Coast
              1. Attending Physician
                OMG, I'm starving right now waiting for my french bread pizza to cook in the microwave. 3 min.'s takes forever.
                My standing order at In & Out: Double-double w/ fries both animal style.

                animal style is a fine choice..a fine choice indeed. next time you go get the 'flying dutchman', its a classic :thumbup:.
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