What are you guys putting down for "hardships"?


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Mar 18, 2002
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In particular for the TX "secondary" apps, many of them will ask you to describe a hardship in life, i.e. financial, familial, death of someone close, etc. I guess in one sense that I am lucky enough not to have a solid answer jump to mind, but that leaves me scratching my head as to how to answer this, if at all. I certainly don't want to sound disingenuous by hyping something up. There have been some difficulties in the family, i.e. divorce, but none that I could claim to really be a hardship that has hindered my educatinoal or personal development.

I know this question isn't exclusive to the TX app, so I'd like to hear what some of you have put down if you were in a situation like me, where there just hasn't been THAT much worth writing about.




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Aug 23, 2001
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If there's nothign you think from an unbiased standpoint would count- just don't put anything down. --Trek

PS: shot while trying to save your mom in a NE Dallas gunbattle over selling drugs to middleschool students = good hardship

Divorce = not a hardship
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