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What are your chances of getting in? Here they are


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May 31, 2007
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For all those wondering what your chances are of getting in, here is the answer...

If you have stats:
Above the avg GPA and avg MCAT score = really good chance
Same as or near the avg for both = fairly good chance
One of the stats above and one below = fairly good chance
Below avg for both = still "might" have a chance

Of course every other part of your application plays a role. If you fall into the category of anything below the "really good chance," then you should improve the rest of your application. You can get an interview with some incomplete parts of the application, such as not MCAT score.
If there are any more "do I have a chance" questions and this can not answer it, then it might be a legitimate question.
We are not the admissions committee and have no say. Talk to them. You will know if you are a good candidate or not.
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