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What departments/specialties at Vandy are well-known/well-respected?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by machinehead, Apr 10, 2001.

  1. machinehead

    machinehead Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    What departments or specialties at Vanderbilt are well-known as being excellent or considered very good across the country?
    Ive heard that the Emergency Medicine program is very good, is this true?
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  3. WingZero

    WingZero Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 30, 2000
    One place to look to get an idea is to check out the US News Hospital Rankings and to see if Vanderbuilt or its affiliated hospitals rank highly in any one of the specialties respresented in that survey.

    From the listings, it looks like Vanderbuilt is -
    #27 in Cancer (oncology)
    #23 in Heart (cardiology)
    #12 in Hormonal disorders (endocrine)
    #35 in Digestive disorders (gastroenterology)
    #20 in Gynecology (OB/GYN)
    #9 in Kidney disease (Renal)
    #32 in Neurology
    #19 in Orthopedics
    #11 in Ear, nose, & throat (ENT)
    #15 in Respiratory disorders (Pulmonary)
    #18 in Urology
  4. 8675309

    8675309 Member 10+ Year Member

    Aug 12, 2000
    EM doc I shadowed said that Vandy's EM program is top-notch. Also, a surgeon I shadowed said that the surgery department is, in his words, "stellar". Take it for what it's worth.

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