What do you like and dislike about your location?

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Apr 13, 2020
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    This morning, my commute was one of the most beautiful I can remember. Granted the Pacific NW rains a lot and days are often cloudy and dark. I'm covering at a different location from my regular office and my drive happened to be more scenic. I live about 1.5 to 2 hrs from 3 ski resorts and 1.5 hrs to the coast. Demographically, we have all kinds of ethnicities and a large LGBTQ population. With all the diversity, we also have world class food.

    The downside of living in a highly desirable area is saturation. I don't know the exact numbers in the metro, but in a small town of 15k people, an hr away, there are 32 dentists (possibly some are part-time). Private practice can be a big struggle with lots of competition. There are some dominant Capitation DMOs that competes with numerous DSOs rivaling Cali. Income taxes are one of the highest in the nation, but we have many watchdogs that ensure our tax dollars aren't being wasted. We have crippling traffic due to all the influx of people as well as rapid rise of COL they cause. It's looking more like Cali's crowded conditions. Subjectively, an OK house runs about $350 to $600k depending on the area. Thank goodness there's always people wanting to move out because of the rain and numerous cloudy days. However, compared to growing up in Red Neck country, I love it here.
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    Aug 3, 2017
    North Scottsdale, Arizona
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      I live in Semi rural N. Scottsdale and practice via DSO in Phx, S. Phx and Tempe.

      Likes: N. Scottsdale is absolutely beautiful. Desert views are amazing. Ideal winter temps. In winter time ... you can golf, bike or hike in the morning and then go skiiing in Flagstaff/Snowbowl in the afternoon. LA, Las Vegas are less than a 1/2 hr plane flight or a 4-6 hr drive. Mexico beaches are around a 4 hr drive. I take my dog for a 2 mile walk on every day I'm not working (which has been everyday lately lol). Homes in our area are pricey, but you can buy alot of house for what you would pay for in CA. Taxes are reasonable. 4 professional sports teams: Cardinals, Coyotes, DBacks and Suns. N. Scottsdale has limited urban sprawl by buying large swaths of desert to keep them intact and untouched. No need for a snowplow (@OMSDoc ) haha,

      Dislikes: (Phoenix metro area). The summers suck. Seriously. You never get used to it. The urban sprawl is ridiculous. We're essentially like CA. Housing developments everywhere. Lateral growth instead of vertical. With cheap housing comes a less educated workforce. This workforce is the main catalyst to the SATURATION of DSOs in the Phx metro area. They're everywhere. These DSOs never needed to be dentist owned, so there are tons of non-dentist owned DSOs here. Literally on every block. Even in relatively semi rural N. Scottsdale .... there is a ton of dentists and I've seen a few DSOs opening up.
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      May 7, 2019
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        Rural Wisconsin
        Like: never any traffic, super low COL, nicest people you'll ever meet, tons of outdoor stuff fo do and always great scenery, tons of summer festivals, lakes, hiking
        Dislike: the few days in the winter when its -15 with wind chill of -50, lack of diversity, being 2.5 hours from an hour adds an airport creates an extra step to planning any get aways
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        Oct 11, 2019
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          Suburban Chicago

          Like: Amenities of a first class city, centrally located in the US for travel, slightly cheaper cost of living than NYC/SF/Boston/Washington DC/Seattle/LA.

          Dislike: Winters, not a lot of remarkable places within driving distance, high property taxes, saturated market
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