What exactly is THE CODE?

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by alicelinden, Dec 3, 2001.

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    I've heard of this "Code" that residency applicants are supposed to use in communication with residency programs. I understand it's something like: tell your number 1 choice that they're number 1, and make everyone else feel like they're number 2.

    I hate this. :( I do not like to lie or to be misleading. But everyone I've talked to says that this is accepted as part of the game. A resident has already rebuked me for telling a program that I didn't know much about their program so I couldn't say how interested I was in their program (this was asked to me during the phone call inviting me to interview). He told me that I need to tell them that I am very interested in their program.

    So is this true or not? I don't believe in this code on both counts:

    1) Is it really wise to tell someone that they are your number 1 choice because might it backfire on you and make them rank you lower thinking you are a shoe-in?

    2) How exactly does one make a program feel that they are number 2? Is "I am very interested in your program" enough? Or does it need to be more like "Your program is near the top of my list" or "I will rank your program extremely highly"?

    Like I said, I can't stand this idea of a Code. It's so artificial and contrived and dishonest. If it's not as prevalent as people have told me, I would like to hear that. But if it really is accepted gamesmanship, then if someone could explain the "rules" because otherwise I will just be completely honest with my feelings. (And do you have to play the game with everyone? Director? Residents? Other attendings?)
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