What I wish I had known before dental school ... [Part 8]


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Just a few comments:

Found the following posts:

1) http://forums.studentdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=206752

find post #32 --

I can relate to the experience of the poster because my experience was awfully similar. Now, I'll be the first to admit that you don't believe everything you see on these forums, not even my experiences. However, I do think there is some merit to what is written. Even if the poster embellishes things or exaggerates, his experience should at least throw up some red flags in your minds!

A couple quotes from him:

"It's a guessing game.", "The lectures are so boring, so the school made mandatory attendance for some classes.", the entire thread is remarkably similar to UDMSD! You don't have to believe me or the poster, but at least the comments should raise some red flags.

2) I also found this post:


post #21

This poster had quite a different experience. He begins by saying, "it is difficult to come up with the things I "didn't like about the school."" That is what you want! Ask the students when you interview what they did not like about the school. Really dig deep. Find out what they think stinks about the school.

Now, I realize that both posters went to the same school. It is difficult to tell when poster #1 was actually at NYU. But it is certainly possible that things improved a bit at NYU. But poster #1's experience sounds night-and-day different then poster #2. There has to be a reason for that.

The best line of all, "The lecture PowerPoint slides and handouts for basic science courses are very well-organized and easy to study" This is all you should really be concerned about. Nothing will give you more grief during dental school than the learning environment!!! If it is easy to study and easy to learn, you will likely enjoy dental school. If it is not, if the exams are like a guessing game, dental school will suck.

Never mind the reputation of the school or that it uses digital radiographs or that they certify you in invisalign or that they have a large pt base or that they are a "clinical" school .... never mind all that. If studying and learning is easy at a school, that will make more of a difference in whether you like and appreciate the school than anything else!

One last comment:

Check out post #16 from the second link. He mentions Dean Bertolami. I have never met the guy but I have read many of his articles. I was unaware that he became the Dean at NYU. I highly respect his dental education opinions. My bet is that he may have had a lot to do with improvements in dental education at NYU. IIRC, he was the president of ADEA at one point. They guy is a true dental educator!