What information from undergrad should be included in our CVs for pharmacy residency?

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Feb 8, 2015
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I searched SDN for a good answer, but I didn't find anything related to CVs for pharmacy residency. I have been researching information regarding what to include on my CV on the ASHP and SF School of Pharmacy webpages, but I want to know specifically about undergraduate research... During my undergrad, I worked in a marine biology/phylogenetics lab and I did research on a very obscure worm that lives in Hawaii. As of right now, I have mentioned the poster I presented during undergrad about this worm on my CV, but I feel like it is out of place - essentially everything else on my CV is related to pharmacy. How do residency directors feel about undergraduate research? Is this information relevant to pharmacy residencies?

BTW, I will present a poster at ASHP.

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