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What is my likelihood for PCCM ?


New Member
Jul 5, 2020
I graduated from a community (new medical school) program without in-house fellowship in 2018. I am an IMG on H1 visa. I am interested in Pulmonary and critical care fellowship. I only did posters during residency but have not published anything yet (working on two projects currently while working as a hospitalist). I passed CS only on my second attempt. My step 1 was high 250, ck high 260 and step 3 was 240. What are my chances for getting into fellowship? Will a CS-attempt filter my application out?
My biggest red flags are 1. IMG 2. H1 visa (limits me to only 20-30 programs all over the country) 3. CS attempt 4. Not a well known residency program 5. lack of research 6. 3 yr gap since graduating residency
Only plus points are 1. scores 2. passed critical care echo boards

I know the only thing I can work on right now is do more research and try to get many publications. I know I don't enjoy research as much as clinical medicine but will try my best to improve my CV.

What is your honest opinion considering my situation, should I even apply for fellowhip ?
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