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Mar 25, 2004
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A lot of threads make mention of it but none of them really say what it is?

I gather it's some sort of review book. Is it a general review book or is there a separate one for each topic (biochemistry, histology, etc..)?


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Oct 15, 2001
It is one book divided into sections by each subject. It tells you what you absolutely have to know for boards. It's a pretty small book, so you need other books, too.


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Jun 6, 2001
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If you want to know more specifics, it does not have enough info to help you ace a test in a given subject (it's focus is not necessarily what your course focus is), but it is an overall review book of the basics with a simple, easy-to-read format. Some people claim if you memorize First Aid, you can *pass* the boards. *Most* people will still insist you need outside resources as well to fill in the gaps and do better than simply passing. {Note: There are many review books out there, and First Aid's style is not for everyone...best to pick one in a good format for you rather that get caught up in using First Aid simply b/c others do.}

Subjects include: Anatomy (w/small histology and neuro sub-sections), Biochem, Behavioral Science (including statistics and such), Pharm, Pathology (the biggest section, broken up by organ system), Physiology (also by organ system), and Microbiology/Immunology.

And there are other First Aid books, mostly for clinical rotations and beyond (i.e. First Aid for the Medicine clerkship, First Aid for the Wards, First Aid for the Match, First Aid for Step II, etc.)

Hope this Helps!
:) Smurfette
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