What job did you have before you went to med school?

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After graduating while working on 2nd undergrad degree:
Defensive Coordinator, varsity lacrosse - little crap high school I attended
Research Intern - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)
Student Nursing Assistant - UPMC

finished 2nd degree in 4 semesters

Upon finishing second undergrad degree:
Harmful Materials Tech - environmental engineering firm (temporary employee)

During post-bacc in Philly:
Research Assistant - Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine
Bouncer - my friend's pub

Just had 2nd Interview at UPenn Med School for Research Asst position; hope to get it.

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Construction management, I build big buildings and airports. Before that - sold insurance, makeup artist, auto spokesperson, financial planner, waitress, bartender, import/export, drove a train...:confused:
I'm applying this year, but here goes.
Out of HS I worked mostly in restaurants to pay my way (everything from dishwasher to manager), but I also managed a few interesting/fun jobs like Americorps Volunteers teaching elementary school kids in a low income school district how to read (4th graders couldn't read!!), HS soccer coach, office clerk, carpenter, hod carrier, video game tester for xbox (my name's in the credits for Halo 2!!), translator, english as a foreign language teacher, and bartender.
Nowadays while I'm not studying for the upcoming MCAT I work at a shelter for refugees, a cafe, I'm a lab assistant, and if the University I attended needs anything translated from French to English, I'm their man (I'm overseas).
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grade school teacher at Waldorf School for 20 years - start med school in one month!!!:hardy:
After getting my BA, I moved to California and worked in Hollywood for a couple of years, most notably for the show South Park.
BS from University of Florida in Human Nutrition.

Army Officer for 4 years, decided I wanted to be a doctor instead. Studied for the MCAT in Baghdad and took it 3 weeks after getting home.

Med school in the Fall...
You all make me feel so normal.

During College
Certified Nurses Aide/HomeHealth aide
Birmingham Zoo,
Slew Of Fast food Jobs

Obtained BS Respiratory Therapy.

After college

Registered Respiratory Therapist-7yrs
Flight Therapist
Travel Therapist
Critical Care specialist at Large Trauma Hospital.

I never thought I would say that!!!!!!

Keep The faith Guys.....Its a Long Road,But its Not Impossible.
PhD student in biochemistry. Left program with masters.
Startup tech company doing advertising.
Startup tech company that focuses on human health.

It has been a fun ride!
An automotive and agricultural equipment mechanic and then an automotive technology instructor for a technical college.
Any former clown college graduates w/ circus and rodeo experience? Now that could make for some interesting reading in a PS...depending...
Not in med school; was considering it but honestly not really leaning towards it at this point. I am an attorney. I make north of 200k (which is another reason why I think going to med school would be a bad idea at this point). Too much time and opportunity cost lost.
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