Medical What kind of course load should I take senior year?

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Mar 12, 2013
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Hi guys, I’m going into my senior year after this Summer and am looking for advice on what classes to take. I currently have a 3.35 cgpa, about a 3.1 sgpa, have not taken the MCAT yet, and am planning on applying to both MD and DO schools. My freshman year I got a C in bio 105 (our first semester freshman biology class). Next semester I am planning on taking microbiology with lab, molecular biology with lab, Spanish, and one other class. Now for the last class I have the option of retaking biology 105 to get a better grade, taking psychology 101 (I haven’t taken this class yet but I have taken sociology 101), or another upper division biology class. Any advice would help! Thank you!
I know you weren't asking for your chances of getting accepted, but your GPAs are way too low for MD (especially your sGPA). Regardless of what you do senior year, you most likely will need a post-bac or SMP to have a chance at MD (you will also need to crush your MCAT).

If you do well on your MCAT, you will have a shot at DO schools still.

The reason I state the above is because this last semester is SUPER important for you. You need to absolutely ACE all your courses and your MCAT. I would absolutely retake the C you got in a science course.

Put all you have into this last semester. Good luck!
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