What makes a good residency?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by cjw0918, Feb 16, 2001.

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    What are some important things to look for in a good residency? Is there a difference in a DO residency and an MD residency in the same specialty? I know you would take different board exams after residency, but does this really matter? I'll be starting TCOM this summer so residency is a long way off, but I am still curious. I am interested in med/peds (experience as a peds occupational therapist) and I noticed that TCOM had 2 matches in this last year- UTMB Galveston and U of Oklahoma Tulsa. Are these good programs? How do you know? Are certain MD residency programs unofficially "off-limits" to DO graduates? I have heard that because of lack of support from the AOA, some osteopathic residencies are not as strong as MD residencies. I understand that some residencies are just hard to get unless you're from a top 10, but for the others are DO's just as competitive as MD's? Again, there's a while before I have to really worry about this sort of thing, but I like to know what I'm getting into. Thanks for the replies...
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    At this point in your career, regardless of the specialty you will choose, working hard throughout your medical school experience should be your focus.

    What makes a good residency program? It depends on what you want out of a program. Where do you want to work, in a community hospital or large tertiary care center? Do you want to train in the same environment? Do you want to do research and are looking for more academic-oriented programs? Is location important in your residency choice? Where are the cities you are willing to train? What type of call schedule do you prefer? Did you like the residents/faculty at the place you interviewed? Do the residents seem happy?

    These are just a few questions which you will eventually answer in your quest to decide which residency program is right for you.

    There is only 1 D.O. residency in Med/Peds. Med/Peds is a competitive specialty. There will certainly be program directors who favor M.D. applicants over D.O. applicants. Should that stop you from applying for the specialty or programs you desire most? No.

    As far as what you are getting into? You are getting into a field (osteopathic medicine) where your future will be mostly determined by how hard you work and the grades, board scores, recommendations, and honors that result. The other factors (discimination against D.O.s, the inadequancy of the AOA, the school you attended) will play a lesser role in determining how competitive an applicant for residency you will become. Work hard and you will make your future. Don't work hard and you will have only yourself to blame - not the system.

    Best of luck.

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