Medical What MD/DO school do you think I should apply to with a 4.0 gpa university 3.8 community college and a 503 mcat

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May 10, 2013
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I have worked as a CNA sitter at a medical college of university a inpatient clinic and a wound technician for a year at a outpatient clinic and nursing homes for like 3 years. I took some time off due to financial issues after I graduated. I also volunteered at a free clinic as a phlebotomist where I taught others how to do phlebotomy. I shadowed two mds, and got a recommendation from the head doctor at the clinic I work at plus the regular three science professors. I also precepted, tutored and did research in college.

-Most DO schools
-Perhaps your state MD (if not in California otherwise you’ll be SOL unless you’re a part of the inland region)
-Look at Private OOS MD that have Mcat acceptance stats similar to yours.

You have really good clinical experience, this will be a big strength to your app if you use it wisely.
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Jun 11, 2010
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When discussing your GPAs, just use cGPA and sGPA. Don't break up CC vs UG. That doesn't help uis.

I suggest:
Rosy Franklin
WVU if from the Appalachians
Uniformed Services University/Hebert (just be aware of the military service commitment) [maybe]
Your state school(s).

Any DO school. I can't recommend Nova, Wm Carey, WCU, BCOM, ICOM and LUCOM, for different reasons. MSUCOM? Read up on Larry Nasser and you decide. LMU has an accreditation warning, which concerns me. CUHS is too new and appears to be too limited in rotations sites. UIW refuses to post their Boards scores, which is fishy.


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Mar 12, 2013
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Your GPA is great for both MD/DO, but your MCAT is gonna hurt your chances (especially at MD schools). Your chances of acceptance based solely on your stats are around 50%. I agree with the posts above as to which schools to apply to. Apply mostly DO, with a few MD to your state schools and @Goro suggested list for OOS.

Your other option is to retake the MCAT. If you could raise your score to even the average for medical school matriculants (~511-512), your chances would be MUCH better (~75%-80%). It just depends on your goals and risk. If you REALLY don't care about MD or DO, go DO and save yourself the extra year. If MD is important to you, retake the MCAT, and apply the next cycle.
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