What other schools should I add or remove from my list

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May 10, 2017
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From my full lengths I was getting around 502 and 503 and I choose some lower tier MD schools. Just got my score back and made a 510 (127/126/129/128) and was wondering what other schools I should choose. Here are some of my ECs and academic record

Class: Rising Senior in Chemistry

cGPA: 4.0

Residence: Alabama

MCAT: 510 (127/126/129/128)

Research: 2 first author publications in plant genetics (Taylor and Francis: Plant signaling and behavior and International journal of modern botany)

Volunteering: 200 hours suicide hotline, 30 hours medical spanish translator at a no insurance dental clinic, 80 hours tutoring

Shadowing: 40 hours endocrinology, 40 hours family medicine, 40 hours of general practioner.

Employment: Chemistry scholar TA (part time) University tour guide (part time), Jewelry store salesmen (part time/family business)

Leadership: TrailBlazer leadership team at my university (student ambassadors)

Other: member of the Honors program

Family: Both parents did not attend college.

I am a South Asian Male

Interest: Regular MD in possibly pain management.


Alabama school of medicine (in-state), South Alabama (in-state), Albany, Drexel, Indiana, VCU, Georgetown, Emory, Oakland, Creighton, Kentucky, UMKC, Vtech, Penn State, Temple, Oakland

What schools should I add and remove?

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You have a good list and should receive several interviews. UMKC only interviews 2% of non residents. You could add Wake Forest and St. Louis.