Medical What should I do if I thought an alcohol incident was removed from my records, but found out it wasn't?

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Jun 11, 2010
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Thank you for taking the time to read my questions. I truly appreciate everything you do to help us here on SDN.

During welcome week of my freshman year (over 6 years ago), I was drinking alcohol with a group of students off campus. We were all given a citation by a university police officer for underage possession of alcohol. Although I do admit that I had been drinking, I was not in possession of alcohol. My school notified me and gave me a list of sanctions - attend a group session, complete an online session, and pay a $250 fine. I was also given a court date from the city.

I explained the circumstances in court and my charges were dropped. At this time, I already attended the group session but did not fulfill any other sanctions. I went to the student conduct office and explained what happened. The woman I spoke to told me that the incident would be removed from my conduct record.

I applied to DO schools this year, and marked "no IA" on my AACOMAS and secondary applications. Last week, I emailed the student conduct office to make sure I did not have any record. However, my record states that I was "in possession of a keystone" and found responsible. The group session is marked as complete, while the other sanctions are marked as incomplete. Also, it states that I attended a hearing, but I am almost positive that this never happened. I reviewed my school's conduct policy which states that all students must be given a hearing for any incident.

I am trying to work this out with my undergraduate school, but they have been slow to respond and I do not have any e-mails or records from 6 years ago. I want to notify my schools as soon as possible, but I don't want to provide unnecessary information if I can ultimately have the incident removed from my record. Lastly, I attend a post-bac and will receive an interview invitation from the affiliated school within the next week or two.

So my questions regarding this incident are:
- Should I wait to notify my schools?
- Should I take responsibility for the incident, or should I briefly explain the situation?

Thank you again for your help!
A) No, you need to inform schools ASAP
B) you have to own the transgression. Explain like you did here...very briefly
Six years ago is along time, so don't sweat this. We were young and stupid once too, like my 17 year old.

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