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what should I do: Money Order came back


Full Member
May 30, 2009
    Hello everyone,

    I sent my supp fee to Tuft about a month ago, but I turns out the address got smudged and the mail was returned to me. I live in Canada so if I resend it, it will take another 2 weeks to arrive.

    Is it worth sending it in this late? Obviously the admissions committee wouldn't care about what the hell happened to my mail.

    I am just afraid I'll spend another $70 for no reason. I have several interview invites so far.

    How are Tuft's post-dec interviews? Do their interviews get stretched as far as far as April?


    Full Member
    Oct 7, 2010
    1. Pre-Dental
      It does not take two weeks if you pay $20 to either FedEx or Canada post express mail. With those two, it take like 3 days.

      So you have to ask yourself, Do you want to spend a exta $100 now or are you satisfied with your interviews.


      Full Member
      7+ Year Member
      Feb 4, 2010
      1. Dental Student
        Spend whatever it takes to get it there as quickly as possible. When I'm worried about a label smearing at work (due to chemicals etc.) I place clear scotch tape over the writing, you could try that on the envelope as well.
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