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Oct 13, 2013
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Ideally I am looking for a field that gives me time to do research, more specifically translational, therapy based research while also seeing patients and making good money ( I have killer debt!). I know that is too much to ask for, but just wondering if it is at all possible. The only field I have heard of where some people are doing this is Allergy and Immunology.

I am an average student from a Caribbean med school, so might not be able to aim for the super competitive specialties.

Any suggestions?
Jun 1, 2013
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you can do translational research in almost any field, it depends more on your institution than area of interest.
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Oct 10, 2011
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S/he's an average Caribbean student, that's not going to happen.

OP - you can do translational research in any field. You just have to show interest in setting it up. Preferably at an academic institution that already has some sort of framework. As for debt, I would say (one of) your best bet might be IM --> GI/Cards.
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