Dental What study resources should I use to study for the DAT? Should I get a tutor?

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Hello everyone,

I recently took my DAT on 12/30/2019. I studied by purchasing the Kaplan online test (I took four full-length practice exams, and each time scored a 12). I also used the DAT Destroyer, along with Course Saver and a phone app called "Crack the DAT". On my actual DAT, I received a 14, which is better than a 12. I am really wanting to get an 18 or higher! Of course, I have to wait 90 days to reschedule for my DAT. Before I retake the DAT I want to hire a tutor and found a couple of online websites offering study one on one time for the DAT. These websites are Varsity Tutors, heytutor, and Kaplan.

Does anyone have any comments or tips for any of these materials and tutoring websites?

Thank you everyone!
You should really be aiming to score 20+. Personally, I don't think a tutor will be of much help since sure, they may help you score well on the DAT, but what will you do when you get into dental school and have to take tests (that are harder than undergrad tests) every other week? I think you should instead work on your study skills now and create good habits that will help you with the rest of your undergrad (if you're still in school), and with dental school.

If you are set on getting a tutor, I will say that I don't think many of the users have heard of DAT tutoring from either of the first two companies, and very few have used Kaplan since they don't believe it to be representative of the actual test.

It seems like you may have not done much content review and instead just jumped into taking practice tests? I would suggest having a strong foundation in each subject before attempting questions. Users have used Cliffs Notes/Bootcamp Bio Notes/Dynamite Notes for Bio, and Mike's videos (from Bootcamp) or Chad's videos for the GC/OC. There are also Khan Academy videos for QR.

You can use this link to find the resources mentioned: Forum Members - DAT Summary, Tips, & Tricks.

You should also read through people who have recently taken the DAT and posted a breakdown of how they studied: Compilation - DAT Breakdown Collection! 2017-Present
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I'll admonish you that if you were getting 12's on your practice exams that you may want to delay taking the DAT. If your scores are that low, there is something fundamental that you are not getting with the content and the exam format. You have been asking for help on study tips for a while so it seems that there's more. What is your science GPA and what were your prerequisite grades?

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