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what to do better this time


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Jun 10, 2002
    I'm wondering what I can do to improve my application to try to get an acceptance this time. any advice (besides mcat and gpa since I'm applying in a couple months)

    mcat 29 (8, 10, 11 P)
    gpa 3.48
    tons of volunteer and research experience....

    How important is it to apply early (june)....do they really care?
    How important is the personal statement? how can you really write a good one?



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    Sep 11, 1999
    Baltimore, MD, US
      Applying early would have really helped me, looking back. And one thing I tried to do was imagine that i had been rejected by my first-choice school, and I had one more chance to tell the admissions committee what they had missed the firts time around.

      It's surprising how much that strategy will put the passion in your writing, and help tie things up....May not work for you though, it depends...

      LORs? Will they change? Be supplemented by more letters? If you got interviews anywhere before, make sure you apply there again...What can I say?
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      Apr 10, 2004
        Hi, I've received multiple interviews and have been accepted and I feel its due not to my gpa or mcats, but MOST b/c I put my heart into my personal statement with a great attention grabbing first paragraph so it got read, as well as getting great LOR's. I was told by a doctor I shadowed who used to be on admissions at a school that your premedical advisor's recommendation if you have one is very important as well.

        I did not even do research but had good volunteer experiences in both hospitals and offices. You have good credentials, so just write an HONEST, good personal statement and let them know how passionate you are about being a physician. PM me if you have any questions.



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        Aug 9, 2002
          Hey RU!

          I am applying with pretty average stats as well-- I noticed that you said your personal statement was from the heart, and v. strong. Could you give me any advice for writing it? I'm drafting it now, and would love your help. With my 3.5 gpa and 29 MCAT I need to make my statement reveal how serious and dedicated I am to medicine. Would you possibly look at it? Also, would you be at all williing to share yours with me? I'd like to get an idea of what kind of essay is a strong essay-- thanks so much for your help, looking forward to hearin from ya !

          kings :)


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          May 19, 2003
          Bay Area
          1. Fellow [Any Field]
            You touched on the two most important things within your control, timing and your PS. BOTH ARE CRITICAL FOR THE LESS THAN STELLAR APPLICANT.

            Be the first to submit your AMCAS, and have an awesome personal statement. There is a list of people on SDN that will read your statement for you, check the pre-allo thread.

            Also, apply to a large number of schools, you never know who will pick up on something about you that they like.

            You're numbers should get your foot in the door, the rest is up to you. Good Luck.
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