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what to do if I take a year off?


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Dec 19, 2004
  1. Pre-Dental
    I am currently an undergrad...a junior...I have been thinking about d-school for a while now. I am planning on studying for the DAT during winter break and the summer time and take it sometime in July...and just work on my application package during senior year. I would like to take a year off (I would like to do something meaningful as well as something that generates a decent income...since I have to help my family). I was wondering if you all have any suggestions on what I could do for a year and also any tips on how to study for the DAT will be greatly appreciated.

    by something meaningful I mean, teaching, postbacc programs (I guess this won't pay me), research....ect


    SuperC DMD
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    Sep 26, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    1. Dentist
      You have really already noted all of the options, but there is one more...

      A local dentist, here in Gainesville, offered me the opportunity to go on a dental mission trip to Central America. I have not gone yet, but I plan to next semester. It sounds really cool... You don't have to have a license to practice in many countries there and because they are primarily there to relieve pain, not to do cosmetic procedures, the dentist told me that he would so me how to pull teeth and let me at it!

      You can easily get involved too! I would start be speaking with local dentists that know of any dentists that are active in this type of work, or speak with a local church, they are an integral part of the trips.

      Depending on the dentist you can go anywhere in the world, Africa, Central/South America, China ect.

      No it does not pay $$ But I feel like the rewards would be AWESOME.


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      Nov 2, 2005
      1. Pre-Dental
        I agree, if you are going to take a year off and want to work.........do something in the dental field. Not only will you gain more experience and some money, it will only make you look more favorable on paper with the application process.
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