What to do over the next year?

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    I'm a senior applying next cycle.
    I just got back my MCAT so I'm starting to plan out what I need to do to strengthen my application as much as possible in the next year. I'm also taking a gap year and need to start planning that out (honestly I'd just like to kick it and ski for the winter and try to go to Italy for the summer but thats the dream life)
    Up to date
    Michigan State University, Lyman Briggs College, Honors College
    GPA 3.77
    sGPA 3.66
    MCAT 39 (14/11/14)
    1 year in clinical psych lab (contin.)
    4 months in physiology (oncology) lab (contin.)
    neurology - 6 hr
    ENT -14 hr
    Volunteer (both labs+)
    1 year Crisis call center/sexual assault counseling and advocacy (in hospital) (400+ hrs)
    School organizations
    2 years JV polo, 1 year e board pos (contin.)
    3 years ski club, 2 years officer position (contin.) <- 1,000 member club!

    Obviously I need vastly more shadowing, I know it doesn't look great that I started so late in the game either. I got some VERY bad advice my freshman/sophomore years.

    Other than that any tips of what to do with my next 9 months? I'm also very interested in surgery. My dream job would to do reconstructive/ burn wound healing.

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