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what to do w/an MD besides residency


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Jul 30, 2002
Hey all,

I have a friend, who is atually a FMG, went to med school in russia, he has taken steps I,II, and III, did very stellar on 1 and 2. Unfortunately he has visa issues and did not match, nor got anything for scrambling. He also has a pHD, with 2-3 yrs of post doctoral fellow experience here in my school--He is my mentor in the lab and he is very gloomed abt this. I was wondering what oppurtunities does he have this yr to beef up his app for the match next yr. He wants to get some clinical experience, but the hospitals do not even look at him. His english is decent, but still come on...this is so unfortunate. Pls list some suggestions. I will appreciate any feedback. Thank you.



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Feb 1, 2004
His first step should be to straighten out his visa issues. He should be allowed to do rotations at certain hospitals without being a citizen/resident, but he will need to get these issues straightened out before he can be seriously considered by residency programs. I'd just advise him to try finding rotations to do and trying to get to know people during these rotations. A lot of matching comes down to connections, particularly for IMG's. Having a faculty or PD pushing for you can go a long way in the match system.
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