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Nov 16, 2005
Humboldt, CA
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I'm a current CA2 applying for pain fellowships. I've talked to some of the current and former fellows at some of the places I'm applying, and I've gotten different perspectives. My question is: what should I be looking for in a fellowship experience? I know, I know: excellent training. But here's an example: one guy I talked to bragged about how procedural their program is, and how he "Does almost no medical management." Now, I know that the procedures are sexy, but isn't it important to learn med mgmt, too? It seems like, unless you want to be a block jock, you really need to learn about a broad-based approach. Also, how important are the invasive or surgical procedures, e.g., discs, stims, pumps? Some people say it doesn't matter, b/c "you'll never want to do those in practice" but I find that more people say that at places where they're not getting a lot of experience in them. What do you all think? I'm just trying to maximize the interview experience by learning what I really need to learn about the places and getting the best training I can get. Thanks for advice.