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Jul 11, 2010
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My Step 1 date is the 8/31 and I've been trying to review and do a UW question block every day after I'm done with my rotation for the day. I'm a DO student and took the COMLEX back in June. I'm only like 15% through UW as of now so I don't have a huge sample size, but it seems like my average is right around 70% with most of multiple scores in the mid 70's and a couple outliers in the high 50s and 60s. I can definitely tell a difference in my test scores and test taking ability based on how tired I am after a day in the clinic. I'm just trying to get an idea on where I stand with the exam given the fact that I only have a couple weeks left and have such a small sample size with UW. Do I seem to be in ok shape with a 'weak' average around 70%?

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Dec 26, 2008
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Use UW for learning and practicing, noting else. NBME's on the other hand are very accurate.

With that said, I finished my first UW pass with 70% correct. Ended up with 250+ on step1. Therefore, using myfirst pass performance and comparing it to the table from one of the links above, it seems to me that it pretty accurate.