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Oct 3, 2008
I saw some news in other forum:

Effective January 2010 the JCNDE will start reporting performance in the NBDE exams as pass or fail only, and possibly administer a new version of this exam that basically combines both parts into one exam that is for the most part composed of clinical cases-specific questions.

When the new exam is rolled, this will be impossible, since you need to be enrolled in a dental school before being allowed to take the exam, as you can see, the new format can't be used as an admission requirements since you can't even take the exam before being already accepted into school, and because standard scores cannot be reported anymore.

What could make this even more complicated is the fact that with the new format schools may feel obliged to add more biomedical sciences courses to the curriculum of the international programs to make sure their students are adequately prepared to pass the NBDE in its new comprehensive format, this could very well mean longer programs (more than two years), and higher tuition.

Is this true?


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Dec 16, 2008
Hello Friends,
This seems somehow terrifying!:scared:
Anyway, no one knows what their plan is? Thanks for the update by our friend.
Any Further Information Regarding 2010 Admission Policy for International Dentists would be really appreciated.
GOOD LUCK!:luck:
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