What would my chances be right now?

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Jun 8, 2014
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What would my chances be of getting into medical school right now?
cGPA: 3.87
sGPA: 3.60 (a lot of these A credits come from working at a research lab for over a year. I have a publication, attended a conference and presented a poster, and got a grant from my school for an individual research project)
-Humanities Major in the Honors program at my school and I plan on writing a 30-40 page thesis.
-50 hours of shadowing anesthesiologists, surgeons, internists, and family practice.
-150 hours as a medical interpreter in spanish at a volunteer clinic
-I'll have pretty good LOR from science and non-science professors.
-Work as a teaching assistant and research assistant in the department of humanities.
-Projecting a score between 30-33 on my MCAT.
-Participate in student council in my college.

What worries me most is that i haven't done too well in the pre reqs (bio, ocher, physics). I've gotten B's in a lot of those classes. I have taken other science classes that count toward my GPA and gotten A's (stuff like anatomy, neurobiology, stats, physiology, etc.) and work at a research lab (which really helps boost my sGPA). Counting pre reqs only, I would have about a 3.2 sGPA, but my other science classes have boosted it up quite a bit.

What do you guys think? What can I do to be a better applicant?

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GPAs are fine, but without the MCAT we can't really say. The range of 30-33 can make a big difference.

Your ECs look solid though, so that's great.
Agree. All depends on the MCAT for the time being.
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Does a research credit (if it comes with a grade) always add to math/science GPA or is it just DO schools?
Does a research credit (if it comes with a grade) always add to math/science GPA or is it just DO schools?

My research counted as BCPM when amcas verified me; it wasn't necessarily in any BCPM department, but its contents were definitely chem related, so it counted as CHEM. My biomedical research counted for BIOL as well.. May be different for others though.