What's a good major for a pre-physical therapy student?

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May 6, 2012
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I'm ending my freshman year with just about 30 credits. I'm planning on doing a double major in psychology (B.S.) and journalism (B.A.) I only chose those two because I'm genuinely interested in them, I plan on pursuing my doctorate in physical therapy (D.P.T.) what do you guys think? what'd you recommend?

Thanks in advance :thumbup:.

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Typically people who are pre-PT major in biology, kinesiology, exercise physiology, etc. But you can major in anything as long as you take all of the necessary pre-reqs! Some of my classmates majored in psychology, spanish, or dance. As long as you major in what you're interested in, you're fine.
Sounds fine to me. As long as you find the time to take your pre-requisite classes for the DPT programs to which you are planning to apply!

I just basically repeated what Dr. Akiramay just said.