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What’s a good OAT score?


New Member
Jul 6, 2020
Hi everyone! I am taking the OAT soon and applying for this application cycle and I was wondering what a safe score to aim for is based on my other stats. I have a 3.8 gpa, have hundreds of shadowing hours and optometric experience, around 100 volunteer hours as well as a few extracurriculars. My top choice of school is UMSL but I will be applying to others as well.


Full Member
Jul 7, 2020
  1. Optometry Student
Well, I didn't actually apply to UMSL. Here is why. When you apply, you want to give yourself the best chance of getting in as possible. That can make getting into schools with smaller class sizes more difficult so many of us tend to avoid applying to smaller schools if we are not dead set on going to that particular school. UMSL has a class size of about 45 and it just wasn't worth it for me since it wasn't my favorite. But if it is then absolutely apply there but also apply to more. I think I applied to 6 or 7 and was accepted at my top choice. You should have no problem getting in but keep in mind that the application process does involve academics but also heavily relies on who you are as a person not just on paper. An applicant can have every quality and be perfect on the academic side but they are looking for someone who will fit in with their school, not just a strong applicant. Hope this helps!

Also, these two tables really helped me. Stats are from 2019

K Seawell, ICO 24'
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