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Discussion in 'Anesthesiology' started by Eli T, Nov 7, 2002.

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    Although I was initially attracted to top 10 lists for anesthesiology, I am beginning to think that the distinction between the best and the good programs is not all that profound. Anyone in a top program talks about the great training and ease of obtaining a job after residency, but those in less competitive programs aver the same. After all, most residents point out that the bulk of your training comes via your sick patients.

    Another big topic is resident centered administrations. Most anesthesiology programs felt that they had to make concessions to residents just to attract them during the lean years. The didactic programs, progressive call schedules, and general friendliness that emerged permeate most of the programs. (Some even argue that the big name programs never felt the same desperation as other programs, and so did less for residents; instead, they leaned on reputations or research activities that mostly had only incidental influence on residency training.)

    My wife is matching in psychiatry and I can see how the training varies greatly from program to program. In anesthesiology, this is less clear to me. Most residents who write reviews on programs end their posts with "and I would definitely rank this program #1 if I had to do it all over again.)
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    I agree with you. Last year I interviewed at many "top" programs. I left every single interview day at all the programs with the exact same thought: "I could be happy if I matched here." Unlike internal medicine (or psych, like you mentioned) I, too, felt that there is very little distinction among good programs. I leaned towards other factors in the end (location, etc.)

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