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May 16, 2017
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I have scheduled my MCAT for July 27th. However, I still haven't reached my desired score of 510+ would it kill me if I take the exam in August and submit my application now during July so it can be processed?

cGPA: 3.27
sGPA: 3.61

Even though my GPA is low I have an upward trend in my grades. My resume is very competitive in regards to experience and leadership/ communication skills (lobbying on Capitol Hill etc.) Shadowed over 100 eye cataract surgeries besides more than 8 medical projects in Latin America and Africa. Since this is my gap year I plan to do an Internship over the fall with the Department of Health in D.C. I have also been involved in many non-medical activities. Overall I have a better resume than GPA so I plan to demonstrate that in the application. I am applying to schools in Texas (science I am a Texas resident) and AMCAS schools.

Should I send my application now before getting my MCAT scores? If so does it really kill me to be applying this late in the cycle? I am confused with other threads that mention receiving secondary applications before submitting all documents.

So if I do have a chance to apply to an MD school this year I am trying to understand what is the best strategy for an application this late in the cycle.

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