Jun 12, 2013
Hi all,
I'm a junior finishing up my pre-dent requirements and due to a series of unfortunate (health and personal) events, my GPA is not in the range. I am currently at a 2.98 but this semester is not going to bring that up. I think I will be able to get above a 3.o with the semesters I have left, but obviously not in the range to apply straight.
So my question is, what are my options?
I know I can do a postbacc, but I also want to save as much money as possible. Therefore unless an SMP program that's 50k is really the best option, what are my best other options?
What are some of the best post baccs you've heard of?
Also I've heard that some have direct routes to med schools, do any have direct links to dental schools?
I'm super young, I'll graduate at 20. So I'm not afraid to take a couple or more years to figure everything out. Thanks for all your help!


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May 17, 2010
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Depending if yiubgo to a cheap or expensive school, you could delay graduation and take upper div bio courses to boost your bcp and sgpa. Or if tuition is expensive, look at nearby state school for a 2nd bachelors.