What's the "New" MCAT Going to be like?


taiko master
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Jul 15, 2002
    i know they're gonna change the order that the exam's given in, so verbal won't be first

    and i also think they're gonna make the verbal section a little shorter, so u have less questions but the same amount of time, but i know they're also gonna change that section so that the maximum can get will be 15, not 13-15.

    i doubt it'll be harder, if anything, i've heard that its being made easier
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    Jun 11, 2002
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      From aamc.org:
      "An Updated MCAT Is Coming!
      In 2003, minor changes will be made to the MCAT. A few organic chemistry questions will be replaced by questions on DNA and genetics, the Verbal Reasoning (VR) section will have five fewer questions, it will be possible to achieve a 14 or 15 on the VR, and a total score will be reported (e.g., 45T). PS will become the first section of the day, followed by VR."

      hope they have more information on practice problems, format changes, time limits, etc....

      Anyone know where to find out more about this?
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