Whats your back up plan, if you don't get in to med school?


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Mar 19, 2003
Don't settle for pharmacy. You should try to be a doctor at all costs if that's your dream. Your attack plan to become a doctor is to apply to MD, DO, and caribbean schools. You should get something.


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Feb 1, 2004
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come 11/2004 i will be MT (ASCP) certified but i really dont know what i will do if i dont get in anywhere. but i just dont see that happening though. i dont have a 3.65 but all other aspects of my app are strong. i know i do not want to spend the rest of life running CBCs and chem profiles when i should be the one ordering them and interpreting them. i will do DO in a heartbeat TCOM is 25min away and UTSW(MD) is 40min way but i am not totally sure on the carribean with the exception of St. George but the cost to attent there is expensive.
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Dec 6, 2002
In my opinion, I would have to REALLY want to become a physician before I would apply to Caribbean schools. I'm not knocking them academically: they're very expensive. Same goes for DO schools since they're all private, too. Realize that after 4 years you're gonna have a huge debt. (Even at a "cheap" state M.D. school, mind you!)

After all is said and done, though, if your desire to become a physician supersedes financial considerations--if you truly don't care how much money you'll have to pay back--then fulfill your calling to be a physician! Wherever you need to go, GO! :)


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Mar 31, 2001
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I'm gonna apply again and again and again aslong as money, time and my health permits it.

The time between time would just be me going to school, and working to pay to improve my stats. I will be applying for the first time this year, and my plans between now and getting replies from school is to do post-bacc. If i don't get in, I'll continue my education as a post-bacc or as a masters student. Pretty much as long as i'm health, going to school, and making meager amounts of money to survive, i'm gonna keep applying.

Once upon a time, i did have alternative plans such as:

1) Dental School......but realized I don't want to look down people's mouths for the rest of my life. Thats just me. No offense to dentists out there.

2) Teaching....this hasn't neccessarily gone away, its now a side job I do for fun, and to fund my exploits. Since teaching also deals with medicine, i think its cool either way.

Never considered Pharmacy, and will never consider it. They play an important role, but it seems that Pharmacy is too far removed from patient contact, and I personally am a people person, and therefore the truth is, i'd rather be a dentist than a pharmacist IMO. Of course i have friends who are pharmacists, and all are great people to talk to, its just not me.

So it all comes back to, i'll continue to reapply until hell freezes over or until i get in.
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