When anyone writes a LOR for you, do they.......


Dr. Josh

write specifically recommending you to a specific med school, and thus need to write separate letters? I have a prof who insists we have our list of med schools all at once because he doesn't want to write separate letters down the line. Or do they write one letter recommending you to any med school (DO or MD)? How does this work with interfolio? I am not planning to apply for another year but will be done with some of my volunteer activities as well as school, so i want them to write me a generic letter. Is this possible? From interfolio how do we know if the letter writer actually sent the letter; do we get updates from interfolio or can we check on-line? Do letters look better if they specifically identify a school and the writer writes why you'd be a good fit for the school?


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My letters were written as a general letter to any school, which the exception of one or two which were written to a specific school to which the LOR writers had a connection and I was very interested in attending
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