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Nov 5, 2015
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I am a medical resident currently working in London, England and I am also a US green card holder. I am graduated in 2019 from a UK medical school and am looking to match to a US residency programme as soon as is possible. I am on a 2 year residency training programme that end in August 2021, after which I can take a natural career break to pursue my application for residency positions. I am currently planning on taking Step 2CK first and then Step 1 (poisslby when it turns pass/fail in Jan 2022). My dilemma is that should I quit my training programme here to apply for a 2022 match (take a numeric step 1), or wait for USMLE Step 1 to become pass fail, finish my residency programme and then go for the 2023 match? How important is home country residency over 2019 graduation date for 2023 match?