when do ppl normally take step2?

coconut lime

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Dec 4, 2003
    i'm an m2 trying to plan a wedding in the next 2 years, and i'm just wondering when during the 4th year ppl normally take step 2? also, how much time should be dedicated to studying? if i am planning to take off the month of july for a wedding and honeymoon (~ 2wks), will the additional 2 weeks be enough time to study? thanks!


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    Dec 6, 2000
      Generally speaking, I think people who didn't do as well as they wanted on Step 1 take it early (before October) so they can hopefully post a better score to submit residency applications. The ones that scored well on Step 2 take it later...

      BUT, some residency programs require that you have both scores in tow before you apply.

      Speaking for myself, I plan on taking it fairly early (between late June and August).
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