Medical When should I take SAT 2's for BS/MD or BA/MD application?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I am having difficulty choosing what SAT 2's to take and when. I have not yet taken my SAT, I am thinking about taking it on November 2.
I want to apply to combined medical schools and pre-med majors.
Right now I am thinking about doing the following SAT 2's: Biology, Chemistry, and Math 2. I am not sure if this is too much or too less. If you have any recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated.
Also when should I take the SAT 2's?

Your SAT 2 scores are more relevant for any college program looking to accept you (you should know which ones really care). Those results don't really matter for the most part among BS/MD or similar programs. When I was reviewing similar candidates for our early acceptance track, we only cared about the standard SAT CR+M score. To that end, take your SAT's when it would be to your advantage for undergraduate admissions.
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