When should I turn in my ERAS application to residency programs with failed CK on first attempt?

Aug 9, 2015
Medical Student
So I go to a caribbean medical school. I'm planning to apply for family medicine residency programs. I passed step 1 with a score of 221 on my first attempt. I passed Step 2 CS on my first attempt. I didn't pass Step 2 CK on my first attempt. I retook the Step 2 CK exam on July 16th, 2015. If you took the exam after July 10th, NBME warned that you will get your exam score after Sept. 15th, which is the day the ERAS application system opens to residency programs to view. So my question is: when should I turn in my ERAS application? I was told by my adviser to turn in my ERAS application on Sept 15th; however, I'm worried that my Step 2 CK score will deter residency programs from actually looking at my application. However, if I turn in my application after Sept. 15th, my adviser warned me that residency programs (especially family medicine) will not look at my application because they will have already decided upon their interview candidates by then. I'm kind of confused, and as you can tell, I don't really trust everything my adviser tells me.

Bully Ball

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Jun 12, 2015
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I don't blame you for not trusting your advisor. I haven't applied to residency yet but I would imagine it would be better to apply with a passing score in step 2ck later than on the first day. It's not like all of the interviews are handed out within hours of September 15th. I think this past match there was a problem with ERAS for the first week or so and programs weren't able to download apps. From my perspective, if you apply without your CK score, programs will see your failed result only and throw your app in the trash. If you apply later with a passing score, I would think some program may at least glance at your application. Good luck