When to rotate through a residency program of interest.

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May 13, 2002
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I am working on setting up my 4th year rotations. I plan on going into OB/GYN. I am allowed two fourth year rotations in this field. I was wondering by what point in my fourth year I should complete these.
As of right now, I want to do some IM before my boards as my program was very week in this area. I also would like to do an FP (also required) with good OB/GYN experience to brush up on it since OB/GYN was my first rotation of 3rd year.
I plan on doing OB/GYN from 8/30-9/24 and 10/25-11/19.
Any thoughts on this plan. Is it early enough.
I go to a DO school, and they give us no information as to applying to ACGME programs.


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Sep 9, 2003
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depends on what you want from your rotations. will you be getting letter(s) from your 3rd year rotation? your 1st planned rotation should be early enough to get a good grade and a letter (if you need another) in time for various deadlines. your second is cutting it rather close, as many programs start sending out invites in november and some programs have deadlines in december for your app to be "complete".

if you don't need your 2nd rotation for a grade or a letter, you could do that at a program that you are considering. it would let you get a feel for the program. however, it might be advisable to do it a month earlier, because some places give courtesy interviews to those who rotate through and if you go through too late, they may not have any interview spots left to offer.

keep in mind, however, that i'm not applying for ob/gyn and i don't know what variety of letters the ACGME program like.