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Apr 16, 2008
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I hunted around on SDN a bit and I've been asking around from other pre-medical students and my pre-med advisor without much straightforward answer:

I'm planning to take the May 31st MCAT and will be waiting for after those scores to submit my AMCAS (lest I not do as well as hoped). However, I am also taking my final prerequisites (Ochem I and II) over the summer. The first session will be done approximately mid-July and the second session will be finished with grades posted approximately August 20th.

Should I immediately submit my AMCAS after reception of my MCAT score?

Should I submit after the first session of Ochem? The second? (Incidentally, this summer is the last of my classes; I graduate in August.) Also, to give you an idea, my grades in sciences have been solid As and A-s, so I don't believe my Ochem grade will be drastically lower, especially as it'll be the only class I'm taking.

I don't quite understand how the whole "updating" of the AMCAS vs. waiting method works, and wanted to know how you on SDN might approach this. I'd prefer to be earlier than later in my AMCAS application, but I realize I have some fairly basic things coming in relatively late.



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Jul 18, 2007
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if your score is good, submit immediately. Even if you update AMCAS, I would send a summer grade report directly to the schools. They are always busy and a direct letter to add to your file would definately not be overlooked.
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