Jul 25, 2009
Hello all,

I'm a going-into-2nd-year pre-med student a UBC and I'm just wondering when I should take the MCAT. Some people say to take it after 2nd year because it gives you more time to re-evaluate your decision to go into medicine, and most of the courses that you take in pre-med are still fresh in your minds.

But some people decide to take it 3rd year because there are some other courses such as physiology and biochem that really helps you out in the MCAT. The down side of taking the MCAT after 3rd year is you start to feel old and your time’s running out; if you do badly on your MCAT, you would have left school when the next application cycle comes around. By then, your mind is probably not set on school (assuming you started working or feeling like a full time bum at home).

Any tips/suggestions?



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Apr 2, 2007
Hi Jaydubb,

I took the MCAT one year after graduating (I'm doing Teach for America). It was hard to study while teaching, but in retrospect I really wasn't ready in college.

I think that's the bottom line: When you achieve consistency in your practice tests, subtract 1 point from your average score in each section, and be prepared to receive that score on the actual thing. Don't take it until the number you expect to get is what you WANT to get.