Where are my future UCLA classmates?

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i graduated....yay!!!

Tina :)

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Congradulation =)
Have fun in the summer.
cu soon

I'm applying this cycle and I have a question for those of you who got into UCLASD.

I was looking over the secondary app and I noticed the last page is for any "Additional comments". Did you write anything on this page (if so, what?) or did you leave it blank? Thanks and congrats on your acceptances! :thumbup:
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When i ran out of room for previous pages, i used these additional pages.
otherwise, i left it blank.

wow, they send out secondaries already?
I remember writing a little bit on the last page. Think it was to explain one of my extracurricular activity of some sort. I would say, use it if you need to explain anything not yet explained elsewhere, but consider the information that's already on your aadsas and the 2ndary itself. Good luck to you. :D
i went into why i was applying specifically to UCLA-- what i felt made them stand out to me in terms of the quality of education they had to offer compared to the other schools i was also applying to. I kept it short and to the point-- it came to about 4 or 5 sentences. I chose not to go too far into depth, though, just the right amount to hopefully get them curious enough to invite me for an interview!

hope that helps, Eddie! :luck:
Best Wishes.
So I've finally made a decision to attend UCLA for the fall. :D I know I'm a little late in the game, but better late than never, right?
I just wanted to thank all of you for your help with my decision. :thumbup:
I look forward to meeting all of you in September. :)

This is the most recent list I could find:

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Hi, Carol,
Nice to hear about ur decision.
Enjoy ur summer
and see you soon =)
Welcome, Carol. I also look forward to meeting you and everyone else in our class. Until Sept, enjoy the rest of the summer!! :thumbup:
hi Carol!

Welcome to the gang, i hope to get to meet u soon! :p

Sincerely, Sujain
Hi guys...stumbled on this site while searching the web. Also going to ucla dental this fall. Did any of you guys get together yet over the summer?
hi there,
welcome, get together is a good idea.
we havent had that in a long time.
may i know if you use aim?
hi canthackit,

yeah, it sure has been a while since we've had a get-together... it really would be nice! :p do you live in so cal, then?

i've got some news... my sis is involved in a fellowship that deals with the organization of health fairs, and is looking for 5 volunteers for a health fair coming up this Sat., July 24! Any takers? :D Some peeps from UCLA dental school will be there providing dental check ups, and this fair is sponsored by the Harbor-UCLA Dep't of Family Medicine. The volunteers will be assisting with educational booths on issues such as diet, exercise, drugs/alcohol, hygiene, women's and men's health, as well as working other booths. Services provided will be vision/hearing tests, blood pressure screening, height/weight/BMI analysis, anemia/glucose/cholesterol tests, physical exams, dental check-ups, mammograms, immunization, and various informational booths.

Please PM me if ur interested-- or post---oh, and by the way, all volunteers are treated to lunch. There are two shifts, one from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm, and the second from 12 pm- 3:30 pm.

And if anyone is interested in sticking around afterwards, we can maybe go out somewheres fun and hang out... just a thought... ;) :hardy:

Sooooooooo, let me know... it should be fun!

Hope everyone's enjoying their summer!
Sincerely, Sujain
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Hi, toothpixie,
how have you been? where is the health fair? i m coming up this weekend to LA. And what exactly do predental students do? will we get some kinda training before we give out information? Also, let me know which shift is good for you all. Thanks.

Hey guys, thanks for replying. Yeah I live in Ladera Ranch for now with my parents (south orange county). My aol sn is rmkid00, feel free to IM me.
thanks, canthackit :) i'll add u to my aim list!

and hi, Eric! All is well with me... how u doing?

welp, for the health fair, it's gonna be located in Wilmington... as far as i know we'll be playing it by ear... i'm sure they'll fill us in once we get there. my sis says just to plan to hang out wherever they feel they'll need help, i'm pretty much gonna be open to any station they assign me to...as long as they show me the ropes, and i can follow their lead, u know? please come whichever shift you are available... not to be a pain-in-the-:spam: control freak, but i will need to make a list of names of those who do plan on coming, as i'm only allowed to bring 5 kind souls with me... :( so please contact me if you're certain! i'll pm the address to those of you who are planning on coming. i thank all of you guys for your interest, though! did i ever tell u how y'all totally rock?! it really is such a great cause. :p

i thiiiink that pretty much covers it, so, just lemme know!
Grins, Sujain :horns:
Hello everyone. Hope you're all enjoying the last few days of summer!! Just wondering if anyone heard anything new from UCLA, especially about financial aid and housing. So far, doesn't seem like the news w/ Weyburn sounds good. Ok let's keep each other posted.
Take care c/o 2008 :D :D
hello, everyone:

another warm day, oh please please cool down now :( yeah, I have not heard anything from finacial aid. I am getting a little worried. hope everyone have a lots of fun before school starts :love:
Hi everyone!
Hope you guys are relaxing and enjoying the warm summer days. I'm getting a bit worried about financial aid and the situation with Weyburn Terrace too. Last time I passed by the apartments (which was about a week ago), only one of the buildings look completed (and by completed I mean that at least it was painted unlike the other six). A friend suggested to go look for an apartment just in case but I'm pretty confident that they'll somehow get it done before school starts...just because we're grad students who will be paying them gobs of money for tuition. In any case, I have my fingers crossed. I just wish they would send us an update or something for more reassurance. Well I'll let you guys know if I get any info from the school. In the meantime, take care!
Hey everyone....I'm currently a student at UCLA (senior) in the process of applying to dental school. UCLA and USC are my top choices.

My only problem right now is the personal statement. If it wasn't for that, my application would have been sent out a month ago. I was wondering if anyone who got into UCLA or USC would be kind enough to let me read theirs? I know its personal...and I understand if you don't, but I just wanted to get an idea of what UCLA/USC Dental School is looking for. Any advice would also help. I tried to make my essay catchy and not the typical essay but then I got mixed opinions from people who looked over it, so now I'm thinking of starting over. :( Anyhow....I would really like to talk to some of you UCLA and USC students and see what the application process was like for you and any advice about the applications, stats, and/or the DATs (since I'm taking them soon).

I really appreciate any help! (It would be best to PM me)
PS is one of the way adcom knows u as a person. Each person is different. Sometimes we do "normal" things and other people perceive it a good deed. Sometimes we think we are doing helpful things, while others may not agree. The PS basically tells adcom how you see yourself. Since we are not you, I am not sure how reading our PS will help.

At the UCLA website, they have 7 points that they look for in an applicant.
And you probably have to post on the other thread to find out what's going on at USC.

Right now, you probably should focus studying hard for your DAT. And send your application in. Bcos my feeling is that secondaries are just as important.
can someone pls share why they chose UCLA, other than reasons like "it's close to home." thank you very much guys!
Hey guys. Argh. At this point in time, I'm not very happy with UCLA housing right now. :mad:
Wow, the health fair is awesome. I am surprised how many people showed up. Thank you Sujain for inviting me. Who said UCLA doesnt get enough patients? Anyway, I really had a great time. Basically, me and Sujain taught a bunch of kids how to brush and floss and distributed tons of dental supplies. Seeing their smiles when they take off-priceless. Another neat idea is to team up with local high school students. Some of these students are not tradiational college bound students. It really means a lot to them when we can guide them to help out their community.

Their next event is on August 1st(Sunday) in Wilmington. Please pm me or Sujain to get direction. I will try my best to get out of work and be there.

Hi, Halitosis,
I chose UCLA bcos it is my first acceptance. People are probably the main reason why I chose UCLA. The feeling from visitng and interviewing at UCLA gave me this is the place to spend my next 4 yrs. I dont think i can complain about the So Cal weather. I actually posted a thread to ask people advice to sort out my choice. You could probably do a search. And to seal the deal, I met with several incoming UCLA students and they are awesome. Like many others, I cant wait to meet my future classmates. Plus, opportunities are everywhere. It depends on how you want to get involved.
yeah, yesterday was really fun. :D
it made me so proud to know i'm gonna be a Bruin. :love: UCLA dental made such a difference at the fair, and i really look forward to more of these in the future. Thank you so much for coming, Eric! Eric and i had a chance to chat with some first and third years, and they wanted to know if we've met up with our big sibs yet. Also, they said that we're the FIRST CLASS to ever have a white coat ceremony in the history of UCLA D-school!! i had no idea. How cool are we? :p
It seems that there are a lot of fun events planned for us, hosted by the second years during the first week of orientation-- clubbing, Miyagi's, lots of social outings so everyone has a lot of fun mingling.

Please give a shout-out if you're interested in teaming up on August 1st... it will be held at a smaller venue, however--- i believe it's a church. I'll get more info from my sis. i really miss u guys... it has been a while since we all hung out...

Take Care, and
big HUGS!!!
Sincerely, Sujain
hi Halitosis,
That's a great question.
UCLA was my "reach school". Out of all the schools i was applying to, it was my dream school that i was certain i had no chance at, but could at least keep my fingers, eyes, and toes crossed for. During my undergrad, i volunteered at the school's dental clinic, and was blown away by the place. I also tend to lean more towards academics, and UCLA dental provides a strongly didactic experience. I was informed by some dentists on DentalTown that UCLA does not provide as strong a technical hands-on experience as, say, UOP (another awesome school i also fell in love with). This is why I plan to do a GPR or AEGD after I graduate D-school, so i can buy some more time to practice my hand skills. Everyone has their own preferences as to how they want to learn dentistry. For me, I want to know more about diagnosis, and have a strong background in the systemic as well. To each their own, u know? I figure I will master the hand skills eventually with enough practice, but this is the one time I have to build me a strong academic foundation to lay my C.E. upon. I'll prolly end up slapping myself silly when i'm in the thick of it-- all the heavy-duty exams, lectures, and avalanching stress, but to me in the long run, i think i'll need the tough love. It shouldn't be easy to become a dentist. We owe it to those who will be trusting us as they sit in our dental chairs one day, mouth open and eyes squinched tight. Just my .02 :p

Best Wishes to you,
Sincerely, Sujain
toothpixie and ecdoesit:

thank you both for the great post. ucla seems more and more attractive each day. i hope i get an interview this fall so i can meet you guys!!
HI, Toothpixie, just pmed you.

glad that you are excited about ucla.

to everybody, will anyone be interested in a get2gether again?
let me know when and where is a good for you?
i look forward to meeting you too, Halitosis :)

and i wish u all the Best.
Take Care,
Sincerely, Sujain

whatisup, my ookla peeps? i think we need to throw out some dates that we're available to meet up... i miss all of u who i've already met, and i wanna meet all the posters i haven't had a chance to know as well. We need to appreciate our so cal surroundings and sun, and party it on up!

hook a sista up, and post when you might be free...

me: August 6th and onwards, baybeeee!!!!! ;) :horns:
Hello fellow classmates!
I contacted our financial aid office, and received word that our FAN letter should be ready in the next few weeks. I'll also be staying at University Village for temp housing. Anyone in the same shoe? Ok take care and have fun!!
Hi, Toothpixie,
Sorry about not showing up to the health fair yesterday. I woke up yesterday and smelled the gas in my kitchen, so I get it fixed before anything else. To make up for what I havent done, I already talked with the special trip coordinators and several members at the Free Dental Clinics. It seems they are also interested in participating the health fair. We will see what happen.
it was really nice meeting you yesterday! Thank you for all the help. I hope you had fun. You were so awesome with the kids! I am asking Dr. Yamamoto for a calendar of more health fairs that UCLA dental will be participating in this summer, and i'll be sure to send it out to everyone. :D

Eric! ohmigod!
what a scary thing to wake up to. I hope all is well. No worries-- i figured you couldn't make it for a very good reason. I'm glad you can involve the pre-dents at SD with UCLA dental fairs-- my only suggestion is that you check with Dr. Yamamoto as to how many volunteers might be needed throughout the day. If you have a lot who are interested, maybe they could each go on a two-hour shift and then rotate out to mingle/help with the rest of the health fair stations/activities so that everyone gets a chance at the dental station?

On Sunday, there were quite a few times when extra dental volunteers had nothing to do. It is a bit of a bottleneck area where only 3-4 patients can be seen at a time, and there's just a lot of waiting going on. 2-3 volunteers at the hygiene instruction table is plenty, as you know, and the set-up of chairs, lights, and equipment was pretty much taken care of by the dental students. I imagine shutting down and packing everything up would need some extra hands, as the faculty and dental students are all a bit worn-out by then. I'm pretty sure some of them didn't even have a chance to eat lunch! I believe i sent you Dr. Yamamoto's e-mail-- if you didn't receive it, please let me know. ;)

Take Care,
Sincerely, Sujain.
heya, Jeff!

It's so good to hear from u! It's been kinda quiet on the thread lately, and i was happy to see ur post. :p Whatisup? Congrats on the official start of your summer! It's about time, huh? :horns:

You know, you guys, there's this awesome exhibit i was thinking of checking out at the California Science Institute near USC called "Body Worlds". You guys have prolly heard about it, but in case some of you haven't, they've taken 200 cadavers in various degrees of dissection, and have had them undergo plastination. All these cadavers are on display, and it is beyond anything i think i've ever seen. I checked out their website,


Are any of u guys interested in joining me? Might be a good heads-up before we dive into Anatomy.

Well, hope to see u guys sooner than later.
Sincerely, Sujain. :p
Hey Sujain et al.,

I can wait till school starts (gotta enjoy the last moments of summer), but I am looking forward to the orientation week of debauchery and stuffs. It was a really good experience volunteering with Sujain at the Health Fair, and I recommend it for anyone who wants to increase their exposure in working with various patients from different backgrounds. Hit me up with any future volunteer thingy's, I'm down.
FYI everyone.
Our white coat ceremony date will possibly be changed to sometime during the week of the 20th.
Hello, everyone:

How is everyone's summer so far? Yeah, I am with sean. I can wait until the school start. I want to enjoy this lazy, no pressure, aimless, just fun summer =) Thanks kim for the info... does that mean school will start later? take care everyone!
The online calendar shows that orientation will be from September 15-23. Anyone know when we'll get our orientation packets?

Hi Austin,
Wow all this time I was expecting Sept. 17 because that's what it said in our packets. I was told our white coat ceremony will change, but I really had no idea it would be as early as Sept. 15. That's 7 days of orientation, what are we gonna be doing to need that much time?! Can others confirm this date for me? I haven't received any other notices from UCLA since that big packet back in May.
Hi everybody,
Another update from the health fair. Again, it was awesome to see little kids smiling back after their oral screening and sealant placement =) According to Dr. Yamamoto, we may be able to get more patient interaction as we become more active at health fairs. At the same time, I was able to talk with many second year students. They are very nice to share their experience. They are in the progress of contacting their little sibs, so we may get email/call from them soon enough. FYI, the second year students are having their summer around the beginning of september for ~3 wks.

Like we all know, the curriculum will be tough, but since everybody from our last class were successful going to their second year, I am sure that we all can make it. So, relax as much as possible and let's stick together to ease our transition.
Hi everybody, I hope everyone's summer is going well. :D
The "rumors" are true. ;) The orientation date moved a bit and the white coat ceremony was moved as well because of the Jewish holiday. We should all be getting formal invitations soon, but what the school told me was the white coat is on Sept 23, and orientation is from Sept 20-23. Just fyi. :)
Thanks for the update!!
Hi everybody,
It seems there are many people will be in town this coming weekend. Shall we have another get-2-gether? PM or im me if you are interested.
i used to be all excited for school to start, but now i'm just plain scared...
hi Amy!

how are ya? i've missed you. check ur pm's k?
That's right!! Scared is the word. The other day, my friend who I haven't seen for a while ask me if I had lost some weight.. and that I looked stressed. Wow, I didn't realize how stressed I was about things, but now I know I am.. about adjusting, school, housing, money issues.. am I getting cold feet??
Scawieee.. but exciting too. :scared:
i got the white coat invite/RSVP stuff today... (sniff!)
hahah. guess i better not wear mascara THAT day. :rolleyes: