Where do I go from here? (Current graduate student with low undergrad/science GPA and not much better current GPA)


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May 25, 2020
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Hi everyone,

I'm feeling a little lost and am looking for some advice. I graduated in 2018 with a very low science GPA (3.06) and a low cumulative GPA (3.44). I'm now in my second-to-last quarter of an M.S., where my cumulative GPA is currently 3.47, and I'm starting to study for the MCAT.

Are these GPAs redeemable with a high MCAT score, and/or do I need to retake some of the classes (e.g., organic chemistry) that brought my GPA down? I had a steady upward cumulative GPA trend during the first ~2.5 years of undergrad, but then I experienced some personal trauma, gave up on pursuing medical school, and kind of just stopped trying. I think that could be worth writing about in my personal statement (?), but my current graduate school GPA doesn't exactly inspire confidence in my abilities either. I'm worried that I look like a lost cause because I did the thing where your grad school grades and/or postbacc grades are supposed to demonstrate improvement.....and it hasn't worked out that way. (I got very sick for the first few months of this program, which certainly didn't help, but I feel like at a certain point it'll sound like I'm coming up with excuses if I decide to mention that.)

I had pretty good extracurriculars in undergrad (e.g., student government, research, teaching assistant, etc.), but I'm concerned that I'll be screened out almost immediately from most schools just based on my stats. My plan -- at least right now -- is to take the MCAT in September and apply in 2021.

Any advice???
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