Where do I order new Dr. Collins PCAT study Guides -2014 version

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Jul 15, 2011
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Hello All:

I would like to buy a new set of Dr. Collins PCAT study material.

Is there any website I can order online?

Does the material includes booklets to study subjects such as bio, rtc....OR it only includes practice tests?

Has anyone recently purchased a set. Can you share your experience

Thanks a lot

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Is Dr. Collins the best material to use to prepare for the PCAT? Is it worth the $300. I know Kaplan is cheaper and I was wondering if it is worth splurging for Dr. Collin's.
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So far it's the name I've seen come up time and time again from everyone's recommended studying material.
I have the PCAT destroyer...haven't really used it much, but the questions seem more difficult than Dr Collins
I took the PCAT last summer and I thought the Dr. Collins study guide was really helpful. I think this was because the questions and material was pretty similar to the ones on the actual exam. There are plenty of practice exams in the study guide and using all these allowed me to practice in timed or untimed situations.
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Is this really worth it? I am taking PCAT in Sept. I already took it twice and did horrible. I used Kaplan's and honestly it was nothing like the actual test to me. I guess I am going to buy the new one.
Hey guys Im taking classes with KAPLAN for the pcats and came across Dr. Collins study prep!? How useful is it and what is it exactly??? Did I used waste hundreds of dollars going with kaplan? LOL If anyone has had previous experience with kaplan or dr collins, please feel free to share your experience :)

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