Where do I stand (please help)

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Jul 11, 2002
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Hey all,
I know most of you don't like these type of questions....But I have to ask anyway, for my own benefit.

I got a 6V, 10P, 9B Writing Q on my MCAT (only wrote once) and about a 3.4GPA (about 3.7 in last two years) on a 4.3 scale (Microbiology Honors Degree). I worked as a medical assistant for about a year and have volunteer and leadership experience (student govt.). I am also a Mass resident. Which schools should I apply to and which should I not waste my money on.

Oh, and I went to a Canadian School for my undergrad.

Please help me! This is my first time applying.



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May 13, 2002
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Your numbers look average (but not in a bad sense, just the average) for osteopathic schools. I think they're too low for most allopathic schools.

Most DO schools have averages of MCAT's around 24-25 (I don't know what the essay average is) and GPA's of around 3.3. They are also looking for someone who is TRULY interested in osteopathic medicine and understands the underpinnings. The rest of your CV looks good, but average. Not fantastic, but good enough to be considered. DO schools want well-rounded, mature individuals with interesting, relevant real-life experiences. MD schools tend to focus more on grades and MCAT scores.

I would apply to all of the DO schools and maybe some less competitive MD schools. A lot of what goes into getting admitted to medical school goes beyond the obvious numbers, so don't get discouraged. Stay positive and keep going full steam!