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Where should I start?


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Jun 25, 2012
  1. Pre-Dental
    Okay, I am about to start studying for my DAT, but there are so many things to study for! WHat are your advice on where to begin? Should I take a practice exam to see my strengths and weaknesses? From looking at these forums here are the materials I plan to get

    PAT: CDP
    QR: Math Destroyer, Chads
    GC: Destroyer, Chads
    OC: Chads,
    BIO: Kaplan and Barrons
    RC: no idea, perhaps Crack DAT?

    Also, I plan on getting achiever and topscore
    are there any other stuff im missing or i should be good?

    If you guys have any tips or advice, please let me know! they will be gladly appreciated!:love:


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    May 5, 2012
    1. Dental Student
      Start chad, and start doing a chapter of Barron's AP bio a day. Once you get through all of Chad's videos the first time, do them again on fast play. When you finish Barron's AP, go through cliff's AP bio. Alternate doing reading and PAT practice every other day. Do a few problems in the math destroyer every day, but I would suggest watching chad before you start it. I would start doing destroyer once you have gone through chad 2x and both of the biology books. It worked for me! Also, I never took a single practice test, so I wouldn't focus on those, especially at the beginning. Just dive in! I studied a whole bunch of subjects every day instead of just doing one thing each day; I think this kept my mind fresh. I talked a little bit more about how I studied in my breakdown, and if you need any advice at all, feel free to ask! :)


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      Jul 21, 2010
      1. Dentist
        Chads or Cliffs/Barrons AP bio first... Then once you get through the 'learning' stages of GC/OC/BIO via those 2 sources...Then move on into doing questions in whatever source you want. I went back and forth a lot, but I had to cover the learning stages first. Especially since I had no bio background.
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