Sep 15, 2009
Where should I apply and how competitive are my statistics?

Ohio Resident: Ohio State University
2 Degrees: Biology and Finance
sGPA: 3.3
cGPA: 3.5

GPA is on an upward trend. I underwent 4 major surgeries during my Freshman and Sophomore years during which my GPA suffered, but I have earned nearly all As during my Junior and Senior years.

MCAT: 32P (10PS/10VR/12BS)

180 Hours Volunteering in Pre-Op/OR/PACU
2 Years Working for OSU Orthopaedic Surgery Dept.
2 Years Shadowing in OSU Sports Medicine Dept.
2 Research Publications (OSU Radiology & Orthopaedics)
Shadowing WU St. Louis (Pediatrics) Spring Break 2010
Social Fraternity Alumni Relations Chairman
Eagle Scout

I have exceptional letters of recommendation, and plan on having a strong personal statement.
Sep 4, 2006
Inside the tesseract
Besides your state schools that have a mission that matches your interests, consider:

VirginiaCommonwealth, EVMS, Drexel, NYMC, Tulane, UIllinois, Rush, GWU, Temple, Buffalo, Loyola, Loma Linda,
MCW, UVermont, Jefferson, SUNY Upstate, UCentral Florida, Albany, Creighton, Wayne, Rosalind Franklin, Georgetown.

Consider geography, curriculum, cost, weather, etc. An MSAR will give you the abundant information to help you decide if a given school is right for you.