Where to focus for the next 6 months before PA application?

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Jan 21, 2017
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I originally planned to apply to DO school this coming cycle but after doing some extensive shadowing/interviewing I am opting for the PA route. I don't have a ton of PA shadowing ~25 hours, which may increase over this semester. Right now I am unsure where my time would be best spent in order to be a competitive applicant.
cGPA 3.02
sGPA 3.66
Major in Sociology w/minor in Biology
~200 hours of research experience
~2,500 hours of HCE (Trauma intake and paperwork for squads/life flights)
~900 hours of PCE (Airforce Base Hospital as a civillian)
Registered for the GRE this summer, but feeling confident in my ability to get at least an average score.
Now, I am uncertain what I should focus on in order to be a competitive applicant. It will take roughly 40 credits to raise my cGPA by ~.2%, if I maintain the same average GPA I've had for my last 3 semesters. This is manageable but it would be expensive and would push back my application another year. I graduate this summer in August, so I have the chance to raise my GPA nominally while also gaining a couple hundred more PCE hours.

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Im looking into becoming a Physician Assistant. I have some couple questions and concerns. I went on the Touro College website and i checked what is required. Im currently majoring in biology. on the website it says you need 200 hours of health care experience. I have worked at a optometry office coming up on three years now, as a receptionist, technician, and scribe. So i have hands on experience with the patient. I'm wondering if that qualifies as the health care experience? also want to know since i dont need a bachleors degree for the program how thay works. Do i still major in bio and add all the prerequistes that is required? This is totally confusing me and my councelour did not help me at all.
This is also my first time using this website . Have no clue where to start a question on the forums.