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Nov 28, 2006
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I'm interested in Oral Surgery and have done two externships already, one at Emory, and one at UF Jax. I'm set up to go to UNC in June. I've been choosing my externships so that I go to programs that I feel could be a good fit for me based on what I read on studentdoctor and from faculty in our dental school. I thought we were supposed to go on externships to see firsthand what a program's scope is as well as get experience (and to hopefully get a foot in the door come interview time). However, I was talking to a proffessor, and she told me that certain externships look better than others. Programs like Parkland, Shreveport, UAB, Oregon, etc. where supposedly you get tons of experience. You hear so much about these programs that I feel that I feel I have a pretty good idea of the scope and program set up. Does it behoove me to go to one of these programs, or should I continue to do what I have been doing?


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Jul 16, 2007
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I say keep going to places you may be interested in doing your residency. Although you may get more hands-on time at some places than others, a few weeks is not going to turn you into an OMS all star. It's probably more worthwhile to get a feel for the programs you think you'd like best.


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Sep 24, 2006
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I personally liked my externship at Parkland the least. There were 4-5 externs there the whole time so I barely got to take call and had to rotate going to the OR. I pulled tons of teeth which I could just as easily do at dental school so no amazing experience there. That said, the chief did let me do half of a hardware removal case start to finish which was an awesome externship experience but I think that I just lucked out on being there for that case. Other than that one experience, I just pulled teeth in the clinic. The program is awesome though and I know externing was the only way I got my interview there so consider that as well.